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Oct. 26th, 2011 @ 01:44 pm How's My Driving?
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help you help me
This is the permanent home for Claire Bennet's HMD. ^__^

Concerns? Suggestions? Plot ideas? Zombies? Here is the place to leave it all.

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Oct. 26th, 2011 @ 01:43 pm OOC : Character Relationships for graywar.
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It's hard to keep you by my side, haunted by the vision too ugly. )

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Oct. 26th, 2011 @ 01:40 pm OOC : Application - Gray War
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.T H E |♥| C H E E R L E A D E R.
"And I swear that I'm not giving up or giving in...this is war."
[Name:] Claire Bennet.
[Aliases:] Vivian Lewis, Claire Butler, Bonnie Monaco.
[Nicknames:] Claire Bear, The Cheerleader, Little Miss Miracle Grow, Barbie, Nancy Drew, the Indestructible Girl.
[Age:] 21 (canon does not specify her age, but it varies 18-21).
[Sexual Orientation:] Heterosexual, despite whatever happened with Gretchen in s.4.
[Relationship status:] Single.
[Fandom / Series:] Heroes.
[Played-By:] Hayden Panettiere.
[From When:] End of s.4/end of the series, right after she jumps off the Ferris Wheel.
[Function:] Soldier.
[Side:] Civilian.
[Abilities:] Rapid cellular regeneration - Claire is an evolved human who can rapidly heal from any injury done to her body. Recovery varies from seconds to minutes. This power alters her tolerance for pain to a point where she hardly feels it at all. Her healing ability is powerful enough to undo most damage: 'spitting out' a bullet to the chest, wounds healing shut, etc. It has been discovered that she can 're-grow' severed body parts, something she learned after testing her ability when she cut off a baby toe. She is immune to illness/disease, does not scar, and does not age. Her blood has been known to heal others, as well as bring them back to life.

Claire is used to this ability being a life saver, having come back to life multiple times. She will learn the hard way that here? Death comes for her too.

In regards to her tolerance for pain, because the show never concluded the issue, and was inconsistent with it post-eclipse, her pain receptors do not always work. If at any point you want the damage your character is inflicting on her to be felt, feel free to contact me.

[Appearance:] Claire is a petite girl, standing at 5'3". She is of medium, athletic build, seeing as her cheerleading and gymnastics has made her muscular, as well as flexible. She is pretty, with long, thick naturally curly blond hair, muted green eyes, and fair skin. Her face is slightly 'chubby'/round, a bit flat and wide set. She has no scars (thanks to her powers) and is unable to keep tattoos.

[History:] Due to Claire’s extensive and, at times, confusing history, I have provided links.
Heroes Wiki.
Paradisa Wiki ← Has some good points, but not all is canon.

[Playlist:] The Art of Breaking.
Before the discovery of her special abilities, Claire was like any other teenage girl. She enjoyed the social aspects of being pretty and popular, friend to many and not overly restricted to one crowd. It was always important to maintain the look of normalcy. When it was discovered that she wasn’t, in fact, normal, Claire had no intentions of ever revealing her powers to anyone, out of fear of their reaction (and assumed rejection). However, since realizing that people like her shouldn't have to hide or be afraid, she is now willing to share the knowledge of her powers in order to help others out, determined to be a hero. She abhors the knowledge that she will ultimately live forever and watch those around her die. The fact that she will never age is a nuisance, in that people mistake her for a teen-aged girl when she insists on being an adult. For now, it’s only a minor annoyance, but when she’s “30”? “100”? It will become tiresome. She doesn’t want her apparent age to get in the way of relationships, both platonic and romantic. That is, when she’s willing to make a connection. At one time she held fast to her walls, unwilling to make friends or find significant others when she’d only lose them in the end, but she strives to be emotionally mature and more able to bringing these walls down.

She displays both bravery and humbleness. Amongst her heroic acts is when she saved a man from a burning train wreck. While she had an ulterior motive to test her powers, she later kept them a secret when the police came knocking, showing she doesn’t always care to stand in the limelight. This incident, as well as when her friend Jackie was being attacked by Sylar and Claire tried to intervene, displays her altruistic inclinations. Claire has never really grown out of the drive, the need, to find new ways to test her abilities. From her 'attempt' tapes to randomly mauling her body, she pushes her limits at all costs.

Claire is stubborn as all hell. She doesn’t always know when to back down or accept an answer she might not necessarily want. She is a very determined and independent being with a curious nature, something that drove her to further explore aspects of her powers. Claire is by no means a shy person, but she is more prone to being secretive than the majority of her peers. She has no trouble being by herself for lengths of time, creative enough to keep herself occupied. She is intelligent, at most times loyal, and polite. She almost always exudes an air of bubbliness when surrounded by her friends, but there is much more to her than the average pom-pom shaker. Befriending Zach Craley (a boy considered to be non-popular and labeled freak and gay amongst other stereotypes), she proved to be a lot more considerate and friendly than others in her social circle. Zach was the closest thing to a best friend she had throughout her high school years in Odessa, someone she trusted enough to share her secret with. She is extremely easy to get along with and is quite friendly. More often than not, she puts others before herself. She also holds the appearance of sweet naïvety of the young and innocent, but she does possess a darker side.

She has on more than one occasion displayed this darker side, a side that only seems to come out when either herself or loved ones are being victimized. For example, in a desire to teach her would-be rapist a lesson, she falsely seduced Brody so that she could drive his car into a wall and paralyzing him, putting a halt to his disgusting behavior before any other girl could get hurt. Another fine example? She stabbed a pencil into Sylar’s eye. She can be sarcastic and spiteful at the drop of a hat. She can be selfish; She needs people to be proud of her. She needs love. Though Claire cannot be physically harmed, emotionally she has an overbearing need to feel accepted by others. Maybe it’s the fact that she was adopted or maybe it’s the loss of so many in her life. Everything she does, she does whole-heartedly, something that is borderline obsessive. And she can be bitter. Her bitterness results from Noah and his numerous lies throughout her life (toward not just herself, but her family as well), and from Sylar and all that he has done to her, from the constant hunts to killing her biological parents.

It should be noted that Sylar is a huge weakness in Claire’s life. He went from being someone who used to hunt her relentlessly and caused endless fear to being someone who made her realize she’s special, that she won’t die, and that their fate is forever entwined. When everyone is gone, they will still remain. She has to decide if she will hold this hatred in her heart forever, literally, or learn to move on. He had displayed a new side to her when he sought her help, revealing that they had more in common than she wanted to admit. He, more than anyone, understands her, and she in turn understands him. Though able to relate on some level with others who have abilities, no one can understand what it is Claire has gone, goes, and will go through like Sylar can. Even if he savagely stole her ability. It is not beyond her to hold a grudge. Noah Bennet would know all about those. Should he appear in the war, she is uncertain on whether she would rather fight against him or with him. With him means trusting him enough to have her back and not attempt an attack. Against him means repeating what they’ve always done and drudging up that old fear. Their relationship is nothing short of exhausting and complicated.
T H E | G A M E

[rpg]: [info]graywarrpg. HOMELESS.
[mun:] Korrin.
[timezone]: 0 GMT.
[other characters currently in play]: Available here.
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Oct. 26th, 2011 @ 01:37 pm OOC : Character Relationships for lastvoyages.
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All we are are pretty faces, picture perfect bottled rage. )

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Jul. 26th, 2011 @ 04:10 pm OOC - Biography.
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They said if you saved the cheerleader, you would save the world. )
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Feb. 22nd, 2008 @ 12:34 am And they say that a hero can save us...

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